Off-Road Chains

RK MXZ4 Heavy Duty MX Race Chain - Non Sealed Heavy Duty

MXZ4 is one of the lightest motocross chains available on the market today.  Made for the professional motocross racer, MXZ4 is the next generation of motocross racing chains featuring Chromoly steel construction and seamless rollers and bushings.

RK MXU Sealed MX Chain - UW Seals

Combines both longevity and performance.  MXU is one of the lightest sealed-ring motocross chains available on the market today.  MXU features Ultra-thin UW-Seals perfect for bikes with case clearance issues.

RK EXW Sealed ATV/Off-Road Chain - XW Seals

EXW is specifically designed for ATV/Off-Road vehicles and is the best high-speed, extreme heat, off-road performance chain available.  EXW chains feature XW-Ring seals to better survive the abrasive conditions that exist in hostile off-road conditions.

RK Chain Tools and Accessories

RK Chain produces specific chain tools to quickly and easily break 40 and 50 type chains without busting a knuckle.  Break, Press, Rivet and Clip all in one handy tool.  Replacement pieces are readily available.

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When cleaning and maintaining your chain, use a cleaner specific to motorcycle chains! Do not use brake cleaner, engine cleaner, or any cleaner that contains acid or caustic chemicals.