On Road Chains

RK ZXW Premium High Performance - XW Seals

ZXW Series Chains are the strongest, longest-lasting premium quality XW-Ring equipped chain available on the market today! ZXW is ideal for high-speed, high-horsepower performance applications.

RK MAX Series Chains - O and RX Seals

Maximum performance meets maximum value. A chain series designed for the rider who wants the best for their machine: The highest tensile strength, the greatest durability, the most choices… at the most competitive prices. 100% Made in Japan.

RK GXW Series Chains - XW Seals

RK's GXW series chains are the top of the line extreme performance chains.  XW-ring chains are the BEST high-speed, extreme heat performance chains available today.  GXW chains provide up to 10 times longer wearlife compared to standard chains.

RK XSO Series Chains - RX Seals

Affordable, long lasting performance RX sealed chain.  XSO series offer less torsional friction and increased performance.  XSO chains provide up to 7 times longer wearlife compared to standard chains.

RK UWR Roadracing Chain - UW Seals

UWR is a roadracing specific chain designed to absorb the extreme engine torque impact and transfer it into superior high speed performance. UWR Racing Chains are 7% lighter than 520GXW.  ROADRACING USE ONLY!

RK 520SO Series Chains - O Seals

RK's traditional round "O" ring chain is a convenient blend of performance and affordability.  520SO  chains are suitable for low to mid-range CC motorcycles that came from the factory with sealed chains.

RK Drag Racing Chain - Non-Sealed Heavy Duty

Born from the hot asphalt of the drag strip, RK's 530DR chain is designed specifically for motorcycle drag racing.  DR features heavy-duty plates and is a non-sealed chain drag racing chain and is NOT suitable for street use.

RK Chain Tools and Accessories

RK Chain produces specific chain tools to quickly and easily break 40 and 50 type chains without busting a knuckle.  Break, Press, Rivet and Clip all in one handy tool.  Replacement pieces are readily available.

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When cleaning and maintaining your chain, use a cleaner specific to motorcycle chains! Do not use brake cleaner, engine cleaner, or any cleaner that contains acid or caustic chemicals.