Occasionally we have product that we DO sell direct and at extremely discounted prices. While these products are defined as “Blemished” or “Closeout”, their performance quality has not been affected by their cosmetic damage. A product usually becomes a “Blem” for the following reasons.
* Shipping Damage – chipping, dings, scratches, scuff marks
* Manufacturing Flaws – anodizing flaws, logo application flaws, chrome flaws, poor polishing.

Note – We do not sell blemished items that will not perform as designed.


Items are updated constantly, please hit refresh to see the latest information. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because we usually announce new blemished items via social media. Please call 760-732-3161 to place an order or to inquire whether the blemished or closeout item will fit you make, model and year of bike. Since there are no returns – check just to make sure.

If you would like to see images of a blemished item, please email or live chat with us. Make sure you state the blemished part number so we can send you the correct images.

Note – the table might not be displayed on some mobile devices.

Blemished logo
Blemished Black Rim
Blemished Hub
Closeout Rim
Blemished Excel Rim

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Blemished Product / Closeout Product

Blem No.ProductTypePart NumberProduct DescriptionRetail $Blemished Discount $
BL143RK ChainO-Ring ChainGB520SHO-RVTO-Ring Chain Rivet links - Closeout - (800cc street/650cc off-road)$8.84$3.64
BL255Ken SeanMirror901010Ken Sean AX Black Left 10mm - Closeout -$11.08$4.66
BL389RK ChainNon-Sealed219RZ2-110Race Cam Chain - Closeout -$105.27$43.32
BL390RK ChainNon-Sealed219RZ2-122Race Cam Chain - Closeout -$117.00$48.05
BL398RK ChainHeavy Duty520TZ-110520TZ-110 - Closeout - (125cc)$40.00$17.74
BL399RK ChainHeavy Duty520TZ-112520TZ-112 - Closeout - (125cc)$41.00$18.05
BL401RK ChainO-Ring Chain525SMO-100ft525SMO-100ft - Closeout - (400cc)$1,500.00 $743.90
BL402RK ChainXW-Ring Chain532GSV-122532GSV-122 - Closeout - (1300cc)$280.00$115.28
BL416RK ChainHeavy DutyM530-106M530-106 - Closeout - (400cc street)$22.46$9.24
BL427Excel RimRimEBR40417x1.40 (32H) Red - Lacing Scratches - (RM80/85, YZ80/85)$155.00$40.00
BL448AExcel RimRimDDG40016x1.85 (28H) Gold (SS to DDG410, KX100/KLX140L)$150.00$61.57
BL476RK ChainHeavy-DutyGB520KZ6-100Gold 520KZ6-100 - Closeout - (125cc)$52.08$21.43
BL477Excel RimRimACV36112 x 1.60 (28H) Green - Closeout - (KX65, RM65)$154.00$40.00
BL479Excel RimRimBCR413N14x1.60 RED 36H - Closeout - (Talon, may fit others)$158.00$40.00
BL482Excel RimRimEBR40617x1.40 RED 28H - Closeout - (CR80/85) (KX80/85)$158.00$40.00
BL484Excel RimRimGDR40619x1.85 RED 36H - Closeout - (See apps.)$188.00$40.00
BL487SprocketSteel Sprocket3540-48Steel Rear, 530 size (48T) - Scratches - (ZX600E ZX-6/ZZR600 93-05)$62.00$37.17
BL507Excel RimRimBBS43114x1.40 32H Silver - Buffing Scratches (KX60, KLX110, RM 60, DRZ110)$128.52$52.43
BL512Excel Pro SeriesHubURA206G2 Replacement Rear Hub - Machined Wrong/Chipped Rear Red$295.00$124.64
BL515RK ChainUW-Ring Chain520MXU-CL520MXU Clip Link - Non Gold$8.95$3.57
BL516RK ChainHeavy-Duty520MXZ3-CL520MXZ3 Clip Link - Non Gold - Note: Cannot be used on MXZ4 model chain.$3.95$1.58
BL517RK ChainHeavy-DutyGB520MXZ3-CLGB520MXZ3 Clip Link God - Note: Cannot be used on MXZ4 model chain.$3.95$1.58
BL519Excel Pro SeriesHubURA208Rear Orange PS G2 Complete Hub - Color Splotches$295.00$124.64
BL520Excel Pro SeriesHubURA208Rear Orange PS G2 Complete Hub - 2 small Dents$295.00$124.64
BL521Excel Pro SeriesHubUFA208Front Orange PS G2 Complete Hub - Dent and Color Splotch$240.00$101.40
BL529Excel Pro SeriesWheel2R6EK4019x2.15 Complete Wheel Red Hub/Black Rim Rear - Closeout Item$500.00$375.00
BL532Excel Pro SeriesWheel2R7CS4019x1.85 Complete Wheel Silver Hub/Silver Rim Rear - Closeout Item$460.00$345.00
BL537Excel RimRimGBK40519x1.40 28H Black Has minor dings and scratches$200.31$77.37
BL540RK ChainO-Ring Chain420SO-100ft420SO 100ft Bulk Roll O-Ring Chain 420 Pitch - Closeout Item$1,398.96
BL541RK ChainO-Ring Chain420SO-120420SO-120 O-Ring 420 Pitch Chain 120 links - Closeout$69.95$37.76
BL542RK ChainO-Ring Chain420SO-136420SO-136 O-Ring 420 Pitch Chain 136 links - Closeout$79.27$42.80
BL543RK ChainO-Ring Chain428SO-100428SO-100 O-Ring 429 Pitch Chain 100 links - Closeout$66.62$35.97
BL544RK ChainO-Ring Chain428SO-106428SO-106 O-Ring 429 Pitch Chain 106 links - Closeout$70.62$38.13
BL545RK ChainO-Ring Chain428SO-110428SO-110 O-Ring 429 Pitch Chain 110 links - Closeout$73.28$39.57
BL546RK ChainO-Ring Chain428SO-120428SO-120 O-Ring 429 Pitch Chain 120 links - Closeout$79.94$43.17
BL547RK ChainO-Ring Chain428SO-CL428SO-CL O-Ring 429 Pitch Chain Clip Master Link - Closeout$5.95$3.21
BL548RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-84630SO-84 O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain 84 Links - Closeout$146.91$79.33
BL549RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-92630SO-92 O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain 92 Links - Closeout$160.90$86.89
BL550RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-94630SO-94 O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain 94 Links - Closeout$164.40$88.78
BL551RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-98630SO-98 O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain 98 Links - Closeout$171.39$92.56
BL552RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-100630SO-100 O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain 100 Links - Closeout
BL553RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-110630SO-110 O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain 110 Links - Closeout$192.38$103.89
BL554RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-120630SO-120 O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain 120 Links - Closeout
BL555RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-CL630SO-CL O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain Clip Master Link - Closeout$6.24$3.47
BL556RK ChainO-Ring Chain630SO-RL630SO-RL O-Ring 630 Pitch Chain Rivet Master Link - Closeout$8.06$4.49
BL557Excel RimRimEIK412N17x3.50 Black Rim For Excel Pro Series Hubs. Lacing Scratches$300.97$167.94
BL558RK ChainToolUCT2100RK Chain Breaker/Press-Fit Rivet Tool CLOSEOUT$139.95$66.87
BL560Excel RimRimDDB40416x1.85 32H Blue CRF150R, YZ85 - Purpleish-blue$179.18$74.60
BL561Notako RimRimGEKN1019x2.15 Black Rear Rim - Small ding - Fits Kawasaki and Talon hubs129.9582.20
BL562Notako RimRimICKN0821x1.60 Black Front - Small ding - Fits most Japanese MX119.9374.95
BL563RK ChainHeavy Duty420MZX4-120MXZ4 Natural 420 pitch racing chain42.0632.10
BL564RK ChainHeavy Duty428MXZ4-120MXZ4 Natural 428 Heavy Duty Racing Chain74.9044.94