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ZXW Motorcycle Chain Series

XW-Ring Seal

520ZXW XW-Ring

  • Tensile Strength: 9,450 lbs
  • MAX CC Racing: 1,200cc
  • MAX Horsepower: 200 HP
  • Weight: 3.92 lbs
  • Master Link Included: Rivet Type

525ZXW XW-Ring

  • Tensile Strength: 10,430 lbs
  • MAX CC Racing: 1,300cc
  • MAX Horsepower: 220 HP
  • Weight: 4.56 lbs
  • Master Link Included: Rivet Type

530ZXW XW-Ring

  • Tensile Strength: 11,200 lbs
  • MAX CC Racing: 1,400cc
  • MAX Horsepower: 220 HP
  • Weight: 4.89 lbs
  • Master Link Included: Rivet Type


RK’s ZXW series is used for both racing and general use. ZXW and RK’s Drag Racing Chain 530PRODR are each made for very different disciplines, but both share the same racing technology which provides the ultimate in high performance drive chains. ZXW features MotoGP and FIM Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance technology and has proven superiority by winning 35 first place finishes out of 39 races at the FIM Suzuki 8 Hour Endurance Race. Several features are required for an exceptionally performing endurance race chain. These include:

  • Low Friction – The chain must not reduce power output from the engine
  • High Tensile Strength – The chain must be able to withstand the extreme loads of race engines
  • Consistency – The chain must consistently perform during the entire race duration
  • Fuel Efficient – The chain must not decrease the engine’s fuel efficiency

All these features are in perfect balance in the construction of the ZXW chain. RK’s ZXW series chains are ideal for high-speed, high-horsepower performance applications, large displacement and extended swingarm machines.

RK’s XW-Ring seals provides three contact lips and two lubrication pools to protect against dirt and debris, high-speed abrasion, heat buildup and the loss of lubricant under extreme conditions. That’s a fancy way of saying XW-Ring seals make your chain last longer. ZXW’s chain link configurations range from 120 to 180 links. Available in 520, 525 and 530 pitch and choose from either Gold or Chrome finish. When RK develops a chain with a combined heritage of both drag racing and extreme endurance racing, riders can rest assure that they’re getting the best of both racing worlds.

RK ZXW Chain Specification Chart

ZXW Is available in Gold or Chrome Finish  Color Codes: GG-Gold  CC-Chrome

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