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XW-Ring Seal

One of RK Chain’s most popular ATV rated chain is the 520EXW. EXW is an XW-sealed chain and is the best high-speed, extreme heat performance off-road and ATV chain available today. RK’s XW-Ring seals utilize triple barrier grease protection plus anti-debris technology.
EXW was designed to handle ATV swingarm movement and increased torque stresses and wears 10 times longer when compared to non-sealed chains. EXW chains also feature special thermal crack resistant sideplates to protect against thermal cracking. Thermal cracking can result from debris or components impinging the chain’s movement. The impingement causes the chain to quickly heat up and cool down in rapid succession. Over a period of time this thermal exposure can reduce the strength of the chain and/or cause a chain failure. It is vitally important to check your bike after a crash to make sure no debris or bike components are in contact with the chain.

GB520EXW is being used by FMF KTM Factory Racing Off-Road, Husqvarna Off-Road and Duncan Racing ATV!

off-road and ATV Chain

EXW Chain is available in the following colors: GB-Gold, BP-Black/Silver and Natural

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